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How Big is Your Environmental Footprint?

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  • Our friends the insects
    PART 1: KNOWING OUR FRIENDS. By Tania Vazquez Faci We live on a planet that is a big entity and we are not alone. We live in a community of living organisms and nonliving components …
  • Environmental Protection and the Law: Prosecuting Eco-Criminals
    Ecocide, sometimes also referred to as geocide. Some of us heard about it, some of us, when presented with the term, have a vague idea of what it means. But what does “ecocide” actually mean?
  • The Road to Sustainability – Decoupling Growth from Material use
    As we go about living our day to day lives, we hardly ever stop and think about several facts linked to our linear economy – the economy that we are part of and contribute to every day – like 91% of what we extract & convert from our planet can never go back in a form that can be utilized by nature or the fact that more than 80% of growth in wealth goes to the top 1% of the richest people. How can we have a better system that is more equitable, sustainable & takes into account the needs of other living things on the planet? #sustainability #circulareconomy #reset #rethink #circularity #equality #buildbackbetter #sdgs

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The WWF Expat Team’s blog aims to share the team’s activities and actions in the Amsterdam and the greater Hague area with people like you. Our work consists of raising funds and awareness in support of the WWF’s mission: to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment, and to build a future where humans can live in harmony with nature.